Spice Up Your Sex Life- Better Sex Positions

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There are many reasons to try new sex positions that are out of your comfort zone. Arousal of the sex organ Tries new positions to spice up any sexual relationship.

Remember, you don’t have to have sex in the same position every time. Variety is the spice of life, and that goes for sex as well. You can practice better sex positions with your partner by reading this article. You must be very cautious when trying out a new position. You or your partner may be uncomfortable in a new role or hurt. It is advised that you stop immediately.

Here is a list of possible sex positions:

1) Topman

This is the most common sex position for most couples. In this position, the man is on top of the woman. The majority of teams begin with this position. People now consider this position outdated and seek out better sex positions.

2) top woman

Woman on top is the most enjoyable sex position for both men and women. This is a desirable position today. It allows a man to relax and enjoy the ride! It will enable a woman to be sexually assertive while getting the stimulation and arousal she needs to reach orgasm. It’s a powerful sexual position!

3) Sit

It’s a relaxing and gentle position. A couple can bond emotionally. She may want to ride him gently or quickly, but if her leg muscles aren’t used to it, she may tire quickly. Sex in the sitting position has many advantages.

list of possible sex positions

Can kiss and cuddle until they are ready to resume thrusting. It is also simple to switch from sitting to standing sex.

4) Standing

As both partners are standing, this is a difficult position. Since most women are shorter than their partners, they will have to stand on the stool to get a better position. During the act, the partners may hold each other.

5) Parallel

The partners lie side by side on the bed. The only disadvantage of this position is that one partner must keep his legs above the other’s, causing cramps in the other.

Rear Entry

The most sexual sex position. The man inserts his penis from the back. The woman must kneel, and the man enters from behind.

Every pussy, like every dick, is unique. Some of these positions may not be appealing to your partner, but if you ask her. You’re sure to find a few on this list that will make her scream.

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