Basics: How to use the Hydromax

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If you are looking for a good quality water fountain that can provide you with plenty of hydration, HydroMax is worth considering. This product has many great features, such as an easy-to-use pump system and a durable design. In this article, we will give you tips on how to get the most out of your Hydromax.

How to use the Hydromax: The basics

The Hydromax, by JOHNSON & JOHNSON, is an irrigating prostate massager that provides a gentle stream of water to help relax and stimulate the glands in your pelvic area. The Hydromax comes with two interchangeable nozzles–one for use directly on your gland and one for use as a showerhead.


To use the Hydromax:

  1. Sit down comfortably with your legs apart.
  2. Insert the nozzle into the opening of your penis and screw it on to create an airtight seal.
  3. Turn the power knob to the desired intensity (low, medium, or high).
  4. Relax and enjoy the gentle stream of water on your prostate. You can adjust the pressure by turning the power knob up or down.

Benefits of using the Hydromax:

Hydromax is a male enhancement device that promises to increase potency, more intense orgasms, and improve circulation. While these benefits are certainly possible with the device, it is important to understand how it works to get the most from its use.

Hydromax is inserted into the vagina via an oral phallic attachment. The toy increases blood flow and arousal by creating an artificial erection. Users can expect an increase in sexual pleasure as a result of increased sensitivity and better circulation.

How to fill and use the Hydro-Max:

Hydro-Max is a water fountain that helps improve oral hygiene. It has many features that make it easier to use, including a reservoir that holds up to 128 ounces of water, a spout for easy pouring, and a flow control valve. People of all ages can use Hydro-Max.

To fill the fountain:

  1. Turn the flow control valve to the left until it stops flowing.
  2. Place the reservoir on your counter or in another easily accessible place and fill it with cold water.
  3. Turn the flow control valve back to the right and wait for the indicator light to turn off.
  4. Pour water into the spout until the reservoir is full.

To use the Hydro-Max, stand two feet away from it and hold onto one of its handles with one hand while using your other hand to rotate the flow control valve until you reach desired flow rate.


Hydromax is a mechanical male enhancement device promising increased penis size. Based on the product reviews, this promise may be true for some men. However, there are many complaints about Hydromax, including reports of pain and discomfort. So, if you’re considering using this device, read the reviews first.

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