The Best Sex Guide For Couples

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A couple of sex guide is perfect for those who want to learn or improve the oral pleasure. Oral pleasure is one of the most intimate and exciting forms of intimacy and should be mastered by all men and women.

A couple of sex guides, also called cunnilingus, is a must-have for every man that wants to satisfy his lady sexually. You need to learn and the perfect teacher to help you understand an excellent cunnilingus sex guide for couples. Unfortunately, many men don’t give the attention they deserve to cunnilingus.

Men, you can learn as much as you can about cunnilingus if you want to send your lady into the moon. Do not directly head to the clitoris! A couple of cunnilingus sex guides can teach you more than you can imagine.

The women’s clitoris is extremely sensitive, and each woman is different, but the last thing you want to do is to head straight to the center of the nerve. This can hurt your partner. Save the more intensive clitoral stimulation if your lady is excited. In the beginning, move slowly, ask questions and explore your partner with your mouth. Your partner is more than willing to help you if she knows that you’re genuine to please her.

A couple of cunnilingus sex guides will show you many different ways to use your language, as this is how you bring your partner to orgasm. With fast vertical licks, you can stimulate her with a firm, pointing tongue or place your language against her tongue and move her back and forth in a slightly vigorous manner. You’ll know when you close the lady, and you don’t try to change anything, only do what you’re doing and don’t stop!

cunnilingus sex guides

The same applies to women. A couple of sex guides, also known as fellatio, every woman ought to possess. Everyone knows how many men like oral sex, so why wouldn’t you give your husband the best possible oral pleasure? A fellatio couples sex guide will teach you everything you need to make your man crazy.

Ladies, do you know the four components of a man’s penis and when to stimulate at the right time in the right place? Did you realize that you can learn 15 different techniques to send your man to ecstasy with a great fellatio sex guide for couples?

One of the hottest things you can do when your man is performing is turning the light on and looking at him while performing. Men like watching and looking into their eyes are the perfect way to make this intimate connection.

Remember to suck the penis, not just mouth, use your hands, and be sensual, not simply pretend to milk a cow. Finally, never forget his testicles. A man’s testis is very sensitive, but a gentle massage goes a long way.